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Sugar Baby, Daddy and Mama Defined

A Facelifted Renovation of the Oldest Profession on the Planet

Similar to the way the fashion industry changes, so does the oldest #entrepreneurial enterprise, prostitution. 
The term #SugarDaddy has been around since the early 1900’s and is enjoying a renewed popularity. 
There are several websites dedicated to connecting prospective older, #affluent men and women with younger counterparts between the ages of 18 – 35 expecting financial compensation for their time and other favours (including and especially sexual). 
Seeking Arrangement has +20 million subscribers and was suggested as one of the tools Congressman Matt Gaetz used in his alleged illicit activities with minors. 

Because there is nothing moral or immoral about exchanging your physical body for money and other resources, which is also energy, we will focus our discussion on the stories about this energetic exchange. 

A small sample of approximately 100 women, between the ages of 19 – 26, were afforded a subjective form around their rationale for seeking to be with older men. 
Fifty-nine percent stated they were doing it for financial gain.

Judge Much?

It is a curiosity that begs the question, if women are on equal financial prowess with men, would they choose to engage in re-skinned or any other type of prostitution?

Perhaps the market of people who enjoy or fetishize copulation with an older, wrinkly male with excessive adipose tissue extending over his genitals is greater than cultural stereotypes would suggest. 

Maybe people who spend a lot of time in the gym sculpting their fleshly temples are disillusioned because the vast majority of (heterosexual example) younger women would prefer an aging, dilapidated “Dad-bod” over someone in their glorious prime. 

Sure, there are outliers who defy these norms and they are highly sought out and in-demand unicorn super-semen

Perhaps sites similar to Seeking Arrangement have cornered the market in attracting the best studs at their watering hole and I have digressed.

Being a sugar mama, daddy, baby, etc is nothing more than hooking. 
Additionally, whoring is both #honourable or a stigma depending on what area of the planet you live in and the religion you may be held prisoner by. 

The fact is, we (humanity) are the same thing.
We (you and I) are the same body in the way a blood cell in your meat-sack is considered part of you. 

Rather than taking a side on if prostitution is deplorable or honourable, what if you were to see someone as part of you and have compassion for their perspective?

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them and partake in their activities. 

It does mean you can understand how they came to their conclusion and support them to the extent your values can allow just because you are both humans and the same thing. 

You are not able to see anything except it being a part of you. 
Even the things you find detestable are a part of you otherwise you would not notice it. 

If a young woman decides her salvation is a man with affluence why judge her?

Why judge the man who leverages his resources to partake of the first-fruits another human being may have to offer?
All of it and everything is energy. 
It modulates, expands, transmutes, and moves without the constraints of morality. 
It moves because it is the nature of energy. 
Another word for #energy is Love or Life or Light. 

The media has never been the issue. 
You are
The human brain is still guided and led by the amygdala, which is fight or flight, looking for risk and avoiding being ‘eaten.’ 

Your younger #cognitive brain is not as advanced as you think. 
It will look for data or rationale, even fluffy logic to validate what the amygdala conjures from the past. 

What hope or light at the end of the tunnel is there?
It is the same answer, lens, perspective and dimension for all things; Love

Because of Love and all other subsets such as #compassion, #empathy and #rapport that judgement can be suspended allowing #curiosity to set off on a journey of #possibility.

Global Pandemic And Other Fears

Human beings, including and especially you, are irrational, unpredictable and a hybrid of contradictions in all the above, at all times, as you adventure down the mythical path of time.

One of the #beautiful things about group-set or group-think is that no one is immune to it.
This is the way nations, cultures, agreements, regions, communities, and families are born.
In the same way the COVID-19 conversations have sparked global contention, we can also decide and choose #Love.
Should everyone be vaccinated?
Should everyone be able to opt out?
Is either side wrong or right?
Is there a melding of facts, morality, blah, blah, blah to infinity and beyond.
Enough with the hate and division already; you are absolutely going to die!
Medical researchers are taught early about the placebo effect.
When a patient believes a solution will work, the efficacy can be within 10+/- percentage points of the actual treatment protocol.

Is it possible that you could learn to accept a person without making a judgement about their values?
Remember, you are only able to see what you #are.
The media is not external to you; it is you.
As you transform, so does the narrative of the media.

All We Need Is Love

What does all of this have to do with a Sugar Baby, Mama, Daddy?
It is everything and nothing
You are always allowing for something. 
Your primary driver is #connection
Inherently, you know you are more than your thoughts, feelings and the environment you grew up in. 
Because Love is your DNA, you find you experience the most peace and thrive when you are in the frequency of it. 

Look at all the examples of your life, however fleeting, in which you truly felt you were the divinity you are.
It was when you were in nature, making Love, being with children and their wonder, etc.,
You are so much more than the judgements you have about other people. 
None of your opinions make you more #enlightened. 
Part of ‘you’ will always still be an aggregation of the elements of your environment, both micro and macro. 

On this plane of existence, you will be dead for much longer than you are #alive. 
Go to any cemetery to do the math to verify this for yourself. 
Since you are going to be dead for far longer, is it possible you could allow yourself to be YOU and let your natural proclivity for Love to advance, to #flow?


  1. What are the most loving thoughts you can have about yourself habitually?
  2. What position can you take from Love about those you feel have wronged you?
  3. If you are in a situation that violates your boundaries or values, what steps can you take that are aligned with the vibration of love you truly are?


  1. Reconcile with your past so it can release the power you gave it;
  2. Forgive;
  3. Select the top 3 actions you can habitually do are are measurable and execute right now, immediately;
  4. Remind the people closest to you how much you love them and specifically why – it costs you nothing, nada, completely free, in the same way unconditional Love is. (When you are being Love, it is impossible to experience depression) 


It is true.
This perspective, blog, chat, conversation was never specifically about sugar baby, daddy, mamas.
By looking at what you perceive to be your beliefs, perhaps you can understand they are not you any more than the thoughts you think you have.
It is about you being what you are, which is love.
Love was here before the existence of time and when time is extinguished, Love shall remain and so shall you.
As the saying goes, Haters are going to hate.
Isn’t that so 90’s
Be the #unicorn you claim to be and manifest the love you are so that others have a template to model.
Most humans are really effective at gossiping, judging and the other variants of fear.
Take a trip to the Love-Gym of your heart and go a few rounds on the love-speed bags.
Get in some love-mat work for your core and roll around with your Love-sparring partner to experience various frequencies of possibility.

Most people spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on and planning the university they will attend, they car they will buy, the home they will acquire, etc.,
When was the last time you focused on being the manifestation of Love as much as you have invested in the things that will ultimately burn before your cold, dead body is infested with worms and in the ground?

Consider it and share this conversation with a friend or enemy and speculate on the flavour of love that means the most to you and do, be and have all of it forever.

When you find yourself in the market to allow for more freedom, full self expression, and love, consider making Lomi Lomi part of your regular #wellbeing rituals.

All Blessings, Love, Peace and Soul

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