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Lomi Lomi massage is a modality utilising long, undulating strokes and varied pressure.
It is a spiritual, philosophical and physical application that addresses all three-bodies in harmony.

Bodywork is a broader term suggesting the incorporation of several modalities. includes acupressure, hypnotherapy, stretching, reflexology, aromatherapy and sound therapy in each session as appropriate to your needs.

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Peace on Earth

The kinds of symptoms addressed can be body pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic injuries, depression, headaches, IBS, insomnia, tinnitus, post surgery issues, PTSD, rotator cuff injuries, whiplash, etc.
Please consult with your practitioner and or doctor to discuss the treatments that can be appropriate for your situation.

Whilst each of these modalities can be highly effective, they are not a cure for ailments.
There is significant peer reviewed research demonstrating efficacy in several areas of disease and those conditions may not be in alignment with your situation.

Emotions can be a resultant of your endocrine system which manages serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and other hormones that are responsible for your state. Massage increases circulation of the lymph system, thereby increasing hormone release through your body.
Depending on the context you arrive with can have an impact on your experience. 
Some clients have an emotional response, whilst others have various physical symptoms that bring comfort, ease and peace to their body. sessions are between 60 – 120 minutes, not including the consultation time.
The tactical session begins with the client neat and draped on the table.
We are primarily concerned with your health and safety.

All sessions are conducted in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines relating to health.

As your mind can not be separated from your body, it is important clients understand ailments are not always external to thoughts.
Through examination, identifying a hidden habitual story can offer insight and potential solutions to chronic issues.

Human beings are born kinaesthetic.
Touch is an essential component of our overall health.
Massage as a regular component of your wellbeing can not be overstated.
In the same way one would not expect to drop from 120kg to 60kg of adipose tissues from one gym session, it is unrealistic to hold arbitrary, intermittent, unscheduled massage sessions as being optimal.
Instead, observe the lifestyle that is most important to you and consult with your practitioner on the means to ensure massage supports your inclinations.

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