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Selecting Your Lomi Lomi Masseur

How to Establish Your Selection Criteria For Long-Term Gains

The significance of selection criteria can be important regardless of who your #healthpractitioner is.
You want to have selection criteria in the way you would have criteria for identifying your #lifepartner. 

Your Lomi Lomi masseur will know things about you that you may not be aware of yourself. 
It makes sense that you leverage wisdom in who you decide to share your energy with. 
Selecting a Lomi Lomi massage practitioner merely because they are close to your location is similar to selecting to breed with the next random passer-by when you are at a café. 

Even if you use the tried and true scientific method of, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, it is suspect that you will arrive at a result in your best interests.
If you have never developed decision criteria for your life, this simple oration can provide you with some options in doing so. 
Having decision criteria will also enable you to generate consistent and replicable desired outcomes each time they are applied.
There is a difference in having criteria that is based in science, articulated and those that are arrived at without consideration. 

Whilst ‘winging-it’ may seem more free, fun, intuitive and natural, it lacks consistency and performance constraint freedom.


Knowing Your State

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Know Your State

Before creating or fine-tuning your decision criteria, it is important to acknowledge your #state. 
If you are tired, cranky, have digestive issues, or suffered other recent stressor, it is unlikely you will be able to make the best choice for your situation. 
Either create a #resourceful state or wait until you know you will be more powerful

An example of this may be after waking up and doing your #morning routine, you find yourself going for a walk on the beach
In this environment, you may be able to make better #quality decisions than if you try to make changes after you have been in a heated argument with a significant other.

Using external tools or generating your divine energy internally are equally effective. 
Use the #method for being in a power state that is most #effective for you.
If you find yourself having issues understanding what state is most effective for decision making, ask someone who is close to you what and when they have observed you being in a resourceful state as a clue for your optimal #wellbeing. 
You are responsible for the state you take to your Lomi Lomi session.


Must Haves

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Must Haves

Because you are the #expert guru of walking in your shoes, no one knows your preferences better than you. 
Come up with a list of things that are absolutely essential
By having this list general, it will allow you to pivot as necessary. 
Consider some of the things your partner has an abundance of that makes it easy for you to be with them. 
If those things were not available, would it be as easy to #expand in Love with them?

As an example, for a human being to thrive, it must have an operational heart, kidneys, brain, liver, lungs, etc., whilst there are substitutes for some of these things, it would not be ideal to go without them for any length of time. 
What are some of the must-haves on your list for your friends?
What are some of the attributes the people who you count on and have been in your life for the longest all share?

What is absolutely necessary for you to come away with after your Lomi Lomi massage?



This is a means of measuring #effectiveness or any other tangible quality.
As a result of being with someone or participating in something, you were able to #experience xyz. 
As an example, as a result of allowing Jane into my life, I was introduced to Sally who #connected me with my life partner. 
Or, as a result of this experience, I was able to uncover a childhood memory which was at the source of a decision I made to close myself off from being vulnerable
The decision I made as a child has prevented me from being truly connected with anyone in my life…. and so on.

Your Lomi Lomi practitioner will have it as part of their intake, on-boarding or discovery process to understand where you have been, where you are now and create where you want to go. 

If you ever meet a practitioner who dives right into a procedure or process without getting to know you first and your history, it is a red flag and you may wish to take pause.

No matter how skilled they are in whatever they do, their past knowledge is not the totality of what will support you. 
There must also be relatedness (rapport) for you to trust they have your best interests as a primary focus. 
If they ask you questions such as,
What brought you here?
What has been the challenge historically?
How does this impact your life and how committed are you to transforming it?
What do you feel are the best steps for you to proceed?
And, How will you know you have either progressed and or transformed the situation for good?
You will know you are potentially in the right place. 

It will also ‘feel good’ in your gut to interact with them.


Subjective, Feel-Good

Before your cognitive brain can engage, your limbic brain has already assessed a situation multiple times. 
It does this by opening up past libraries that are situational and connected to emotions which give you a signal of yes or no. 
Some people describe this as #intuition, a hunch or a gut feeling. 

There is sufficient science to qualify these #perspectives through causality even though the measurement tools of such decisions is not always evidenced based. 

Ensure you are aware of your #state before making decisions based on your intuition or a hunch because if you are in fear, this emotion can override your ability to take a path based on your divine guidance.

You will also know a practitioner is right for you based on how you feel when you are with them. 
Do they encourage you to seek out and explore the #greatness you are or are they pessimistic?
Have they said things either consciously or unconsciously to make you feel less than you are?
Are they arrogant?
Are they compassionate, patient, kind, reassuring?

The more they come from a space of freedom and peace, the more likely you can be relaxed and get the full benefit of your session with them.



All humans are made from Love, this is especially true of you.

An attribute of Love is it is always #expanding and #transforming into something #greater and beyond the capacity of #dreams. 

When you are with your practitioner, are you able to experience a greater version of yourself than what you see in the mirror?
After a few sessions with your practitioner, are you noticing things #opening up in your life that were not there before or may have been unable to conceive?
Do you relate to more of your possibilities as a result of interacting with your practitioner?


Summary of Referrals

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Referrals

Finally, would you ever have an issue inviting your practitioner to your home for a meal or sharing about the benefits you are experiencing with your friends and family?
If you are open to sharing about them and it is without effort, chances are you have engaged an appropriate practitioner for your life path.
Is there evidence over time from other clients who feel the same as you?

Here are 10 categories you can speculate on to create decision criteria for any aspect of your life:

  1. Easy to communicate with;
  2. There is significant value;
  3. Lessons learned are replicable in other areas of life;
  4. You feel energised and impact people around you in a positive way;
  5. You are able to be vulnerable;
  6. The investment is minor compared with the #value
  7. The benefits in affected areas of your life keep #expanding;
  8. Other people are indirectly benefiting from your sessions;
  9. You are easily able to articulate how you are growing;
  10. When you consider your #transformation, you start to see additional possibilities;

Having decision criteria to navigate your life is not compulsory. 
You can have an amazing life without them. 
Out of four behaviour types, two are most likely to have criteria as a way they navigate their life naturally. 

Do what feels good to you. 

If you are ready now to book your Lomi Lomi and speculate on crafting decision criteria that can optimise your life experience, I look forward to seeing you at your next available session.


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