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Pure™ Orange Essential Oil


Derived from the peels of the world’s oldest and most commonly grown tree fruit, orange oil is popular for its cheerful scent and refreshing properties.
Orange seeds were first introduced to the Americas in 1493, and eventually reached Haiti and the Caribbean.
Historical sources also note Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, introduced oranges to Florida—where they’re now known as the official state fruit.

For thousands of years, oranges have been used in traditional medicine.
Folk remedies of the Mediterranean region as well as the regions of the Middle East and Asia used orange oil to relieve colds, coughs, chronic fatigue, and other ailments.
In China, oranges were believed to symbolise good fortune.

Today, sweet orange oil is commonly used to flavour drinks and desserts.
It’s also found in perfumes, skin care products, and cleaning supplies.

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Pure Orange Essential Oil contains constituents that collaborate to affect your mind and body in unique ways.

Known for its powerful cleansing properties, this component gives citrus fruits the uplifting and energising aroma.
This component is also found in Pure Lavender, and is responsible for encouraging feelings of calm and relaxation.
This component, common to many citrus oils, creates a sweet, fresh, orange aroma that evokes feelings of happiness.
A sharp, woody, spicy aroma that can increase feelings of alertness.

Joyful and energising
Boosts your mood and brings brightness to any space!
Sweet, sugary, and citrus
Mediterranean, Middle East,
Interesting detail
Folk remedies in the Mediterranean, Middle East, China, and India used orange for several therapeutic benefits–including treating colds, poor circulation, and fatigue.
May cause sensitivity in sunlight
Extraction method
Cold pressed
No dilution necessary
Plant Parts Used
No dilution necessary, but mix with a carrier oil before applying topically if you have skin sensitivities. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and other sensitive areas.

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