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3 Top Ways To Use Lomi Lomi For Improving Your Communication Effectiveness

No F*~ks Given, Full Self Expression, Always and Everywhere, With Infinite Love

Why Communication

As a noun, according to the Oxford Dictionary, communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
While this definition is inconclusive and dry, it does offer a scaffolding for which we can #expand our conversation. 
We need to understand and agree what communication is before we can decide on the why. 
Communication requires relatedness for the language and words that will be used as well as the context in which they are shared. 
The more relatable the story, the more impact it has and thereby the power to influence, create and manifest.
The medium of communication is not as important as the message. 
The message dictates the kind of medium(s) used for maximum impact.
Communication is two or more people #sharing ideas for the benefit of the whole.
Without language, communication can not exist.
Communication is the vehicle language travels from one point in the universe to another. 
It is language, words that have sparked all of creation. 
When you are clothed with integrity, your communication instantly manifests.
Words are energy.
Following the breadcrumbs, communication is a melting pot of manifestations. 
For a family, friends, tribe, village, #community, suburb, town, city, state, prefecture, and so on to not only be born and also to thrive, there must be communication.
Given what communication is, what are your thoughts on Why?
Is it possible to attend university without communication?
Can you be present at a medical appointment without communication?
Can you function at a job, within your career, nurture your family or deepen a #relationship without communication?
When you think about its power, it makes sense that you would apply more #purposefulness in the way you communicate to effect a more perfect experience and result for yourself and your community. 

What is your biggest communication-

Communication Styles

Contingent on context there are hundreds of communication styles and subcategories. 
For the purpose of our discussion, we will view communication styles through the lens of psychology. 


Assertive communication is recommended as high self-esteem is a result. 
It is considered a healthier style because the map of the person you are interacting with is taken into account. 
People using this modality are confident and don’t exceed their boundaries. 
Assertive communication is inclusive emotionally and socially. 
It is responsible for the outcome of the communication and tends to be more well respected.
You can hear it when ‘I’ statements are used and accepting all possibilities.
You will see it with direct eye contact. 
People receiving assertive style communication feel heard and respected. 
This is the least used style.


This communication mode is about winning, regardless of the cost. 
The mission and perceived needs are primary to the people involved. 
You can identify aggressive communication because it can be hostile, loud, and threatening. 
It employs bullying and intimidation to deliver results. 
The reason this style can get short term results is because most do not enjoy confrontation and will comply in order to avoid confrontation. 
This is an ineffective mode of communication and is best to be avoided.


There is an appearance of passivity on the surface.
What is actually happening is subterfuge anger.  
People who perceive they do not have #power are most likely to use this style.
You will notice this modality when you hear complaining, patronising and gossip.


This style is used to avoid all conflict. 
Submissives believe the needs of others are more significant than their own. 
Long-term, this style is detrimental to #self-esteem. 
This modality is apologetic, does not share feelings or opinions, comes from a victim frame, feels guilty and has difficulty making #decisions.


This style is distinct with it’s calculating shrewdness. 
Influencing others is always for their own advantage. 
It is a favourite tool of narcissists.
You can tell when you are being manipulated because there will be a journey of guilt. 
Because of the tools employed through manipulation, it is very difficult to understand their true nature or intent.


The speaker has a specific message that is clear, concise, and easily understood. 
Direct communication can be perceived as lacking empathy because the primary objective is clarity.
You will always know where you stand with someone who is a direct communicator.
This style is #excellent in crisis and other scenarios requiring immediate direction.


The intentions of indirect communication are masked. 
It is one of the more ineffective modes because the goal of the speaker, especially if they are a leader, can’t be understood. 

Each of these communication styles are learned and employed based on the frame someone has of the world.
If you are loving and wish to enable more people around you to come from that context, what communication style of the aforementioned do you feel would be applied?

What Lomi Lomi Can Do For You

If you have read What is Lomi Lomi, then you know Lomi Lomi is a facilitation of your true nature which is Love
When you are coming from Love, the primary nature of more people will be drawn to you and enable you to allow more love to expand in your environment. 
There is no them, they or other
There is only you
Because there is only you, Lomi Lomi can remind you to be more nurturing which impacts your entire community. 
What if everyone were coming from Love?
What if all decisions made were from the context of the expansion of #Love for all?
What if your identity were an #experience of everyone you interacted with?
What if you could see and be yourself in everyone?
What if you could notice the love you are everywhere always?
If you are able to measure the depth, breadth, and length of Love, you will be able to enumerate the #benefits of Lomi Lomi to your life and that of your family and community.

3 Lomi Lomi Benefits To Your Communication

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Benefits thereof

Have you ever noticed when children are younger they are more bold and carefree. 
As they mature, even at the age of 5, you can start to notice they are being more cautious. 
They are starting to learn there are limitations.
If you could communicate in a way that unlocked the perceived limitations of everyone you interact with, what could be possible
When you are perceiving everything from the context of Love, you become infinite, full of integrity and all in your presence are able to take on the same attributes. 
Human beings are ruled by and make decisions from their limbic brain.
The younger, cognitive brain then comes up with the rationale to support the limbic brain musings. 
The best storytellers use a format called the hero’s journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell.
An essential ingredient of effective storytelling is vulnerability.
Vulnerability can be felt (limbic brain) and is in concert with the endocrine system. 
Your endocrine system is responsible for your hormones and thus how you feel.
Lomi Lomi allows you to experience and be vulnerable.
This doesn’t mean you are open to attack. 
It means you are open to allowing more love to flow from you. 
Those who live in fear have forgotten that fear fast tracks death. 
If you look at the people in your life who you are most #connected to, can you notice an openness and vulnerability they have with you?
What would happen if you were more vulnerable, influenced more by love and integrity for your community? How would that impact all areas of your quality of life?
Because regular Lomi Lomi impacts your overall well being physically and spiritually, is that something that could make you more attractive?
Before you discount being attractive, when you purchase flowers as a gift, do you select the ones that are brown and wilted or the ones that are most attractive, #vibrant and colourful?
If you were to select an area of your life to focus on such as your interpersonal relationships, career, finances, health, spiritual connection and emotional well being, which of these areas could benefit from having an experience of more love?


There are absolutes in life that can not be circumvented. 
You will die and it is unavoidable. 
You are made of love; your belief of this has no relevance.
There are many tools available to improve your communication
There are millions of books, stories, classes, short courses, talks, videos and similar that have been generated to improve #communication and thus impact your quality of life. 
They are all useless if your core is rotten, full of malice and hate. 
If you lie about your origin which is love and behave opposite to your design, none of the communication tools, tactics or strategies anywhere on the planet will support you, including Lomi Lomi. 
When you come from Love, your ego has been holstered and you are not concerned about how other people think or speak about you because you are communicating from and abiding in Source.
Those who operate from the love and comfort of Source have opened the gateway of their higher self and can not return no more than a fully grown adult can return to the womb as a baby.
A popular quote says, You can take a horse to water but can not force it to drink
Start with and continue in Love. 
If Lomi Lomi resonates with you, it is worth investigating how this ancient practice our fathers used may be of comfort, support and direction for a life worth living exceptionally well. 

All Blessings, Peace, Love and Soul

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