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Harness The Power Of The One

Unlocking Your Divinity And Other Mystical Ju-Ju

What is the One

If there is a thing called the beginning or genesis, the One was before each of those things. 
The One is the force, power or energy that is in all things. 
The One is everything, including nothing and infinite.
The One has many names, I Am, God, Love, Light, Energy, Ranginui, Allah, Mbombo, Ptah, Radien-Áhči, Makemake, Jasagnan and several more depending on cultural narrative. 

You are able to notice the One when you gaze into the mirror, observe the sun rising and setting, experience crashing waves or the tickle of a cool breeze on your skin. 
Everyone you meet is a reflection and manifestation of you.

You are the embodiment of the One.

This is absolute objective truth and also universal law. 
Your beliefs on the matter are unable to influence it in the same way that your feelings have no impact on gravity.


Why Be Imbued With Power From The One

Imbued With Power From The One - Lomi Lomi Gold Coast


Just because you are a manifestation of the One does not mean you are forced to behave with the same frequency as Love
Instead, you have the power to live in fear, full of malice, be average and mediocre or tap out of life (only to return again).
You ignore your heartbeat when you suppress full self expression, choosing to silence your voice.  
You are more radiant than the sun.
Your life’s fulfilment is not the achievement of your ‘goals.’ rather, it is alignment to absolute truth. 
Part of this is made known the more you experience ‘self’ as all you are able to observe, including ‘other’ people, nature, and so forth.
While there is a popular idea that having purposeful passion is a necessary ingredient, such is not apparent in nature. 
Without emotional entanglement, nature always expands and thrives in any and all presented environmental conditions.
Humans are more likely to thrive when they ‘feel’ like it. 
What if you could be responsible for any and all emotions requisite to keep you in your state of divinity?
What could be possible if you always leveraged your divine perspective to create and navigate your community? 


How Does Being Guided By The One Appear

Being Guided By The One - Lomi Lomi Gold Coast


While the specific answer is going to show up differently for you contingent upon the experience you are creating, a method to take the next step is in asking divine questions without attachment or expectation of a particular answer. 
Being divinely guided can show up through your intuition by asking, 

  1. What is the highest expression of Love in this situation?
  2. In what way am I experiencing an expansion to all things observed?
  3. What is the most expansive way of being which facilitates growth in a divine way?
  4. Since there is no lack, what other opportunities to flow with more Love are possible?

Keep in mind these exact questions are not necessary. 
Having similar open queries puts you in a divine frequency.
Operating from the divine frequency is absolute truth, love, light and life
From a divine ecosystem, there is the expansion of Love. 
If you leveraged this from a business perspective, would you be more concerned with profit or could profit be a natural occurrence of the expansion of the Love you are being?

Love always bears fruit, as such, it is logical to apply it as a foundation of business. 

If you leveraged your divine perspective regarding your relationships and health, what could become available?
You most likely know people who are highly effective in one area of their life, such as in wealth, yet, may suffer with their health
True abundance can surround and penetrate every aspect of your life if you are open to your divine nature. 
You may be observing the questions can be fundamental in all aspects of your life and merely require conditioning to strengthen over time.


Other Benefits Available Taking The Path Of The One


If you can count all the stars in the sky, multiply it by a number you are not able to calculate and beyond that vicinity can you find the infinite benefits awaiting you. 
The manifestation of your dreams are only a fraction of what awaits you as you become curious in the application and action of Love to all aspects of your life. 

In The Master Key System, by Charles Haanel, he summarises there is a system to your desired life experiences. 
Said in a simplistic way, defaulting to your true divine nature of Love is your most expansive path of you.
What are the top experiences you are ready for regarding your relationships?

  • What is your dream regarding wealth you would like to leverage and gift your community with?
  • If you could dream about your career aspirations, what is beyond the dream?
  • Perhaps you have an idea of what an upgrade to your health could be; what if there was more?

The summary of what is available via divine inclinations is infinity
In the frequency of your body now, you will never experience it all and you are invited to embark on the adventure anyway.

Who Is Most Effective Modelling The One


There are certain anomalies in the human gene pool with diagnosed ASD, ADHD and similar flavours that are completely aligned with the One because their neurology can make it impossible for some to operate from an unresourceful context. 
Other than humans, you can always observe nature
The abundance of trees starts with their root system and the soil. 
Have you ever seen a tree cut down and yet it would still sprout shoots?
In many cases, surrounding root systems will provide nourishment facilitating its continued growth. 
Trees have an agreement that their survival and ability to thrive is directly connected to their ability to share and be as one. 
When a parasite or certain insects enter a forest, the trees communicate with one another through the root systems to introduce enzymes that can tonify the entire forest from the invaders. 
As a side note, it is unfortunate trees have still not developed defensive capabilities against humans. 
Trees do not care if it is raining or if there is sunshine. 
They make no excuses and thrive to their greatest capacity given the environmental parameters. 
Are you able to model the same?
Nature is not a respecter of persons. 
Nature only moves at the purpose and velocity of Love. 
What can you see for yourself in that?



Summary of Being the One - Lomi Lomi Gold Coast
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You have never been merely the reflection perceived from the mirror.
Before time, there was you
After the myth of time has ceased, you will still remain. 
All that ‘is’ in the present is your allowing and creation. 
To the extent you can expand your identity to all things, similar to the relationship trees have with one another, is the degree to how you thrive.  
There is no Good or Bad. 
There is only you. 
The current expression of your body will be dead soon and yet you will remain. 
When you tap into the infinity of that reality, what can be possible for the relationships you choose for your life?
It is ironic all of life can thrive and live in harmony without money, a mortgage, banks, etc., yet humans still allow war as a means of prosperity.
What is happening ‘over there’ is your allowing

There is only you.

Choosing to accept or not, believe or not, your divinity does not change it or negate it. 
The power that causes you to breathe is the same that has created and allowed all things. 
This power is the One and it is you.

Lomi Lomi massage is a tool you can use to remember and be in the action of your divine nature. 

Your next step is perfect. 

All blessings, Peace, Love and Soul


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