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Birds, Bees And Essentials Your Parents Forgot To Mention

Why You Keep Repeating Patterns That Sabotage Your Relationships And Life Opportunities

For the most part, your parental units did the best they could to make sure you were autonomous, independent, and happy.
They accomplished this by recalling an approximation of the past and integrating what they felt worked for them.
It was an approximation because every time you access a memory, parts of it change. 
Fret not, it is a design element of your #brain that does not need a repair and will be discussed at length in another conversation.

The challenge with using the past as a template is perspective
When perspective changes, some or all of the solutions can sometimes become obsolete.
As an example, asbestos was a #brilliant discovery at the time for insulation purposes until it was found to cause cancer. 
How your parents made decisions was based on past experience and the application of their #perspective.

Is that the way you really want to live your #life?
What if you could be open to allowing all that you really are to shine in full force?
Antiquated thinking and outdated filters may be insufficient for the grandeur force of nature that is you. 
This is not a slight against your parents or how you were raised. 
It is an #inquiry as to the nature of your divinity.
Could anyone observe you presently and testify that you are the #manifestation and embodiment of Love
In other words, if someone wanted to know how to model Love, could they look at you as an example?

This begs another question; why could it be important to operate as #love does?
As an example, what if rocks tried to be air or a fish trained to be a mountain goat?


What possible value could there be in you operating as per the expanse of your nature?


You can tell what your values are based on the results you have for your life, including the way you #communicate. 

You can tell you are living a lie if you look at the world and believe what you see is the absolute objective #truth. 

If you think you can look at someone and know exactly what they are about, you have bought into the lie. 

If you have should’s other than the fact you will die, you are living a lie. 

Smokers always like to tell a story of a relative who smoked until they were in their 80’s or 90’s and were in perfect health. 

So what if you are living a lie; everyone else does. 

Maybe you have a voice inside you suggesting that you are more than what your culture has offered as your inheritance

If so, becoming unshackled from the invisible shroud could be your next step.

Look around you.

Is your lot and swill really to be safe and get a ‘good’ job, house, buy a car, get married, have children, die, retire and #encourage others to jump on the same ride you have been on?

Is there not more to ‘you’ than this insipid tripe you have become intoxicated by from  guzzling it down from the dirty rancid #nipple of society’s sameness?

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Red or Blue pill

This question is not for those who are afraid, risk adverse or can only operate in relative comfort. 

In which way will you have your red or blue pill moment? 

This query is for those who can feel they are more.


Since you are divinity, what can become available for your life experience?
If you are divine would you only be concerned with the aforementioned swill?
The sameness and comfort offered by society is meant to offer citizens an #opportunity to thrive with the same basic survival tools such as medical care, rearing for the young, support for the aged and infirmed and so on. 
A challenge is introduced when those basic services are leveraged to take advantage of the #citizenry and turn them into a commodity at the behest of a few. 
These few are of the old ways and think they thrive in their ignorance but humanity is always evolving.
Your continued spiritual lethargy prevents you from being #aware of your birth right


Become #excited, enlightened, happy and full of wonderment.
Sing songs and dance.
Doing this even when you do not ‘feel like it’ breaks the chains and catapults your soul beyond the #universal realm more powerful than the capabilities endowed with the wings of #freedom.
Your reality is at worst the sum of your habitual feelings and thoughts.
There is no dreaming big or small. 
There is merely the relative comparison of is-ness. 
Describing true reality with words is a mockery of your divinity because the expanse is beyond language. 
Are you starting to open your eyes to understand the feeling of your infinity?
Good and evil are outdated and morality is even more dead than corpses from the 1600’s.
Even as you have imposed yourself within a soul-prison through your gluttony of societal norms (not your fault), you are still free because it is all you.

Possibility Available from You

Do, Be and have it all.
Indulge in all aspects of #affluence so you can come to know the acquisition of things is pointless and #meaningless. 
This step can not be avoided or overlooked. 
Embrace the loves of your life and become #drunk with every pleasure so that you can know you are more. 
Even if you are to physically see the cosmos from a different #celestial body, you would still realise that you are more. 
Divinity has no boundaries and cannot be quantified or measured with #time. 
All of your thoughts and ambition and dreams are less than dust if not mixed and delivered through #Love. 
The #possibilities available to you are proportional to the amplitude, modulation and frequency of Love. 


As an example, if you were in your car, intending to go to a location you had not been before, you might use some kind of GPS device. 
The GPS device is unable to work unless it can accurately determine your exact location so that it can provide a recommendation on the path to your destination. 
It is this simple analogy that can serve you well. 
The difference is that leveraging your existing senses in the way that you have all of your life will only progress you further in the direction of your past. 
Your heart and your spirit guided you as a child and the invitation is to allow that curiosity to flow again.

  1. In what situation can you place yourself in to have the mind of God?
  2. If you are thinking and feeling from your divinity, how would you move?
  3. From a divine #perspective, what is the relationship you would have to your environment through unconditional Love?
  4. If everyone you meet is a frequency of you, what is possible in that interaction?
  5. If your whole life were the manifestation and embodiment of Love, what would be present in your wake?

While there isn’t a specific answer, there is a being-ness to the questions.


If you have ever questioned the results of your life and why the same issues continue to surface, a context to an answer can be in your perspective. 
If you were to blindfold yourself whilst driving, you will absolutely crash.
By addressing your life with different eyes and new being, you will always deliver the experience based on that perspective. 

There was a client who had been in 2 serious relationships in her life and a host of, what she referred to as missed opportunities. 
She said that in every #relationship, she was always giving more than her partner. 
She gave everything and her partners would use her until she was depleted and then discard her. 
She was always suspicious when someone said they loved her and she found it difficult to relax in relationships because she was always wondering if they were cheating on her. 
In many of our sessions she would be able to list several, objectively positioned items of evidence about why her perspective was the only way to see it. 
In one session, we decided to let go of being right. 
I asked if she was open to floating and experiencing as much freedom as possible. 
She closed her eyes and we went through a guided meditation with a combination reflexology session.
The question she speculated on is what if she were pure love and the expression of freedom in all things?
For 3 sessions after that, this is the only question we entertained during Lomi Lomi and she had exercises to play with at home.
For the first time in her life, she started to feel relaxed; her posture changed and rather than talking about the men who had abused her, she spoke about how stimulated it felt to go on her daily nature walks. 
This may seem trivial and it is. 
What price would you give for more freedom and to have a greater experience of Love for your expanded self. The end

All Blessings, Peace, Love and Soul

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