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Be Inspired, You’re Going To Die

Why Living Your Best Self Is Crap And How To Tame The Noise

The reason positive thinking affirmations, visioning, talking big and similar tactics are ineffective is because singularly, they can not impact much unless halitosis is fuel for action that leads to transformation.
When you are in the ‘Being-ness’ of your truth, which is, newsflash…

You are divine and infinite.

It changes your perspective in life, thus your #story and how you take every step. 

Let’s look at an example…
If you were raised with the story that there isn’t enough, it is reasonable to expect that is going to be the way you continue to live your life and you receive the results of someone who believes and looks for evidence that there is never enough.
If you were raised with the story that your life always works for your #greatest and highest good, you’re 99% going to continue that trend.

Transformation Junkies

What if you want to pivot?
What potions are available for those who want to transform the story they were coded with?
Remember this, you are absolutely, positively, imminently going to DIE.

  1. Knowing this, what is the one thing you can focus on that will deliver the greatest yield for the story you really want to tell?
  2. Maybe there is one thing you can focus on that will allow for multiple experiences before you go into your permanent dirt nap. 

Because you will spend more time in death than you do alive, can you surmise if fear, anxiety, depression, lying, cheating, violence and other behaviours which are the antithesis of living are in your best interests?

Love as a frequency and energy never stops. 
It was here before time and will remain after time has ceased.
You have been planned, formulated and constructed by Love. 
That portion of you remains. 
Your ego, not so much. 

Vomit: Living Your Best Life

It makes sense why there are so many personal development mantras that go viral. 
Most people do not know what words mean or have a context of their divinity beyond what they are told on television. 
There is no living your best life. 
You were made perfect and that is the way you will always be. 
There is nothing wrong with you. 
You do not need to add or take away anything. 
All of everything celebrates you. 

Here is some context:
If you are a woman, with a vagina and breasts and a uterus and all the other bells and whistles that come standard with the option called, Woman, you kind of know what you are working with. 
What if someone came up to you and said,

Hey, yesterday you were almost a woman. 
What if today you are a real woman? 
Could you be more woman-y today? 
I know it is in you; just try harder. 

Yes, the person saying that is a lunatic
Let’s transition to the mirror
How many times have you said something similar?
How many times have you said you are not enough or that you’re stupid or not pretty enough or good enough or blah, blah, blah.
First of all, stop it. 
It’s insipid and boring and a rancid pack of parasitic, maggot-infested lies. 


When have you ever known whatever version of God you can accept to have a personal identity crisis – Never
Because you are human, there could have been some decisions you made that did not promote life and #love.
That still doesn’t mean you are a moron. 
Your beliefs and decisions are not your core #identity. 

Observe Nature

My dog licks his testicles as well as the genitals of other animals whenever he can get away with it.
He will inhale carrion if he thinks I am not looking.
Sometimes, for no reason, he will roll around in the dirt and the faeces of other animals just because it makes him happy to do so, especially after an expensive grooming session at the dog salon.
Most of the time, he smells pretty awful, because he is a dog.
Never once has he questioned if he was worthy of cuddles.
Never ever has he not eaten because he was too busy trying to ‘find himself’ and contemplate his place in the cosmic hierarchy.
He is 100% present, celebrating every single moment with extra drool and slobber on the side.
His vacant, dumb look will never prevent him from demanding, requesting and getting #cuddles.
He is the manifestation of #Love.
How about you?
It is easy; when are you going to give up that it has to be hard?
Being in Love, manifesting Love, operating from Love are as simple as being exactly who you are all the time.
It is unnecessary for you to apologise for anything because you do not have faults or things to fix.
You are gloriously you in the continuum that is humanity.
If you were not 100% necessary, compulsory, essential and relevant, you would not exist.
The #divinity you are knows this and has no morality about it.

Trees never complain about where they are planted.
They merely expand to the furthest reaches they can where they are to #thrive and they make a point of connecting with other trees through the root systems.
They have an agreement that their ability to thrive is directly proportional to the quality of their relationships with other trees close to them.
As soon as you stop to listen, you can feel your own #divinity guiding you into a more #expanded experience of yourself.

Tame The Noise

Let’s have a reminder of the energy of words.
Tame is to constrain, and or physically force.
As you know, anything and everything you attempt to subdue, will persist.
Noise is loud, associated with being disagreeable and an interruption to tranquillity.
If you believe you have noise in your brain, this can be an approach.
What if you have been trying on a lie as you would a new dress?
You can take it off.
Lies can be spotted easily.
They claim to make your life more meaningful.
Without the ‘thing’ you are not as happy or productive, therefore, less valuable.
Most marketing through any medium uses this frequency.
There is a fear of missing out on something that was never needed or wanted.
You do not have to tame the noise because there is no noise in your head.
You have merely been observing a lie that is the opposite to the vibrational frequency of Love that you are.
Remember that woman that was told she should be more of a woman?
Ignore the lie.
The reason perfect is perfect is because it is perfect.
You will never require an upgrade or update to your firmware.
Observe your truth exclusively.
Embrace your divinity entirely.
Celebrate all of you with all of you all the time.
The parts of you that do not get the message can be acknowledged and then ignored until they do.
For example, it is not your problem if someone does not have the awareness of how magnificent you are yet.
They will eventually catch up and that is still not your issue.
Only do you.
Those who see you are the one’s you are meant to fly with.


If a dog, who urinates on a tree and a tree who lives many lifetimes longer than you can do it, perhaps you can allow that fact that you can too.
There are no suggestions for your impending death. 
That will care for itself. 
For now, you are alive and there is much to allow, much to celebrate and above all, there is You to be in all your luminesce and glory
Thank you for indulging in your wonder by reading these few lines reminding you of what you have always, already known. 

If you would like support with your thinking from similar heart frequencies,  consider booking a Lomi Lomi
It is an honour to be of service.

Blessings, Peace, Love and Soul

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