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Lomi Lomi massage is more than a relaxation tool.
Lomi Lomi translates as “Loving Hands.”
If it were possible to remember the nurturing environment of the womb, you could begin to speculate on the frequency and sensation Lomi Lomi makes available.
The more frequently your body is at peace, the more able you can heal itself proactively.
From the foundation of a tonified immune system, from a yin and yang perspective, your body is in harmony.


In the spirit of Aloha, you are immersed during a 60 – 120 minute session at a Gold Coast studio using warm coconut oil as it is closest to human pH.
You may bring anything and everything you’re open to transforming.
Making Lomi Lomi a regular part of your wellness rituals has benefits in all areas of your life, including career and personal relationships.

Call today to schedule your consultation and Lomi Lomi session.
Stone has delivered more than 20,000 Lomi Lomi massage sessions and was trained by Tracey Laka i nã pali.
Stone has also provided Yang facilitation and Lomi Lomi at Gwinganna Health Resort.

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