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7 Remarkable Benefits Of Lomi Lomi

Steps For Reconciling The Silent Killer, Isolation

Lomi Lomi is an ancient benefit to your health. 
As documented from the beginning of history, massage is one of the oldest healing practises. 
Despite your current sensory proclivity, you were born kinaesthetic, which hastens the essential nature of regular touch.
People groups originating from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe all have historical indications of using massage as an essential part of wellness. 

Massage influences soft tissues which increases circulation. 
Stress is a constriction of circulation and a source of multiple ailments and diseases.
There are types of massage which focus on different aspects of wellness. Depending on your life choices, you may want to explore various massage modalities until you can settle on the philosophy and technique that aligns with your values.

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian modality which operates from energetic and physical applications. 
Many have heard the expression Aloha and understand it to be both a greeting and salutation expressing love. 
It is even deeper than that. 

Aloha is an understanding that all is one.

There is a creator, of which we are all a part. 
None are separate; there is an agreement to cherish and love each part for the benefit of the whole. 
It is a way of acknowledging the love and fullness of all creation in all things. 
Lomi Lomi does not heal or fix anything. 
Lomi Lomi is a way to remember you are the wellspring of abundance
Lomi Lomi is the facilitation of the divinity you are.
From this context of truth you may start to speculate on the impact it would have on your relationships, your career, business and all other areas of life that make a difference to you.

Lomi Lomi Benefits

Scientific research has proven what our fathers of antiquities already knew.
Lomi Lomi can:

  1. Improve postural issues – Lomi Lomi effectively loosens tightened muscles and supports releasing of muscle tension.
    Joint mobility can increase during massage with the proper application of techniques relative to the issue.
  2. Ease occupational traumas – Lomi Lomi lowers stress hormone production through stimulation of the endocrine system.
    This can comfort, change mood from negative to positive, increases circulation, pain relief, and addresses muscle tension.
    Lomi Lomi can also support clients with trauma, become responsible for their emotions, receive human touch, and experience freedom.

  3. Enhance blood circulation – This does not mean circulation is increased because that is not possible in a closed system unless the entire system is stressed such as in a fight-or-flight scenario or strenuous exercise. Changing blood circulation is similar to crimping a garden hose.
    When it is released, there is an initial increased volume flow which tapers off to normal as soon as the excess has been dissipated.
    This can be beneficial with patients experiencing lower blood oxygenation flow to extremities, such as with people with diabetes.
  4. Relaxes the central and peripheral nervous systems – Lomi Lomi can be used alongside conventional medicine to manage several neurological disorder symptoms.
    Lomi Lomi can be beneficial to address chronic pain, high muscle tone, post-surgery, and tight muscles.
    Specifically regarding the central and peripheral nervous systems, it can support patients to feel a reduction in pain immediately.
    Neurological disorders often present with chronic pain with those clients believing there is no avenue of redress.
    Lomi Lomi can induce immediate relief through pain gate theory.
    This means the pain response is overridden by massage stimulus.
  5. Bolsters the immune system – While several studies have been done on massage and the immune system, it is important to understand they are not entirely conclusive.
    Not all immune system markers are increased and because the research can be replicated due to a rise in certain hormones from the endocrine system, it is causal contingent on the application of the massage, and the patient variables.
  6. Effective treatment for constipation, colic and sleeping disorders – Lomi Lomi is effective for supporting these conditions, especially over time and is recommended more frequently (2 – 3 times a week) contingent upon symptoms.
    This is because of the calming effect massage has on the body, thus reducing stress hormones which complicate symptoms.
  7. Regular Lomi Lomi intensifies metabolism and fortifies the body’s natural healing processes, including facilitating shorter recovery of overworked muscles.

  8. Supports effective production and uptake of the endocrine system – Increased endorphins, serotonin and dopamine increase positive feelings in the body.
    Dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin (also a peptide) are neurotransmitters that are the source of your feelings of happiness and inspiration and other positive sensations.
    They cancel anxiety, depression, feelings of loneliness and pain.
    They also increase feelings of wellbeing and enthusiasm.
    Scheduling regular Lomi Lomi sessions is an effective method of keeping your body healthy.

More Lomi Lomi

Additional advantages of regular Lomi Lomi massage are reduced muscle tension, lymphatic system galvanisation, lowering of cortisol, and enhanced flexibility of joints, connective tissues, enlivened skin tone and better conditioning to manage stress response.
More research is needed to identify the exact mechanisms that enable Lomi Lomi to put the brain into a trance-state, which can improve the immune system function and reduce psychotic distress.  
A University of Wisconsin study demonstrated increased synaptic activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain which is more active with people who are optimistic.
Regular kinaesthetic stimulation, especially through Lomi Lomi, is an essential part of your complete (physiological, spiritual and psychological) wellbeing.


Since the dawn of man, #massage has been used to maintain health, increase vitality and heal ailments. 
Somewhere along the way, modern thinking has decided massage, regular touch and so forth is optional and an indulgence. 
Fortunately, science debunks these misgivings.
In reality, the benefits of massage are vital for new-borns through to centenarians. 
In some instances, it can be as significant as breathing.
Consider now being the optimal moment to put yourself first. 
Book a Lomi Lomi for you. 
Fear of any kind can trigger the production of cortisol in your body, which is a gateway for several ailments. 
Regardless of your beliefs regarding your health, infuse your decision making with love and understand the science as relevant to your situation. 
Lomi Lomi is not an answer or cure to anything, yet it can support you to be in a frame to uncover what is right for you.
You are better able to serve the ones you Love most when you put yourself first.

All Blessings, Peace, Love and Soul

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