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How To Get A 6-Pack From 1-Personal Training Session

5-Additional Life-Habits Killing Your Mojo To Exterminate Now

There is a way to allow for the formation of aesthetically and functional 6-pack abs that personal trainers do not want you to know about. The reason trainers only use it for themselves is because it is a tightly guarded secret. Allowing lay people to understand this secret could have an impact on personal training revenue industry wide.
Secret to 6-pack abs from your first personal training session is, you guessed it, in your MF dreams!
That is not the way the universe works and the fact that you would entertain changing the rules for your own narcissistic, low self esteem, entitled ego is troubling. 

Everything has a gestation period. 

There are no hacks or secrets or whatever you think is going to get you there faster other than doing the work appropriate to your situation. 
Keep in mind you need to include a sprinkle of pragmatism. 
No matter how much money Kevin Hart generates on his way to the Hollywood Billionaires Club or how much he trains, brother is NEVER going to play for a professional NBA team.


Here are a few other myths you can dispel to support you to start living the life you say you want:

  1. If you fix your gut, which is the second brain, all of your psychological and physiological issues will go away.
    Avoid anyone, no matter how esteemed, who promotes a singular #solution to cure all of life’s challenges.
    That isn’t the way life works no matter how much you want it to.
    There are millions of variables that go into creating your life experience starting with your thoughts and #feelings.
    If you are a sullen, miserable, sour-puss, no measure of tactics are going to transform your life.

  2. Doing 100 push ups a day, or crunches or burpees or whatever is going to give you blah.
    First off, nice try for those who come up with this kind of swill.
    When you initially attempt whatever you are doing, there will be a benefit.
    As your body #adapts, the benefits wane.
    This is because for continued #performance and transformation, you need to keep your body guessing in a dynamic environment.
    Once your body has adapted, that’s it.

  3. ______________ Diet is 100% effective for anyone who takes it. Just buy my book / course blah.
    No, No and No. If diet is after whatever it is, stay away.
    Your nutrition needs to be diverse based upon your cultural background and environmental factors relevant to your chosen lifestyle.
    All diets are short term.
    After they are finished the beautiful homeostasis your body has will return you to your previous #glory.

  4. If you engage the Law of Attraction through positive thinking, meditation, visualisation and such, you will bring into your life __________.
    LMAO, and WTF?!
    You are the Universe.
    You are Divine.
    You are 100% whole and complete.
    There is nothing for you to attract because everything is already you.
    Perhaps you can ALLOW a different experience.
    Even that is misleading because you have already experienced it all.
    If you have given into a myth that something is missing or lacking in your life as a divine being, start by giving thanks, having gratitude and appreciation.
    This energy is the start of what allows the pouring forth of any experience you are open to.

  5. Always ask your doctor if something is right for you (because they know what is best and are 100% correct).
    Because someone has Doctor in their title does not mean it is OK to trust everything they say.
    The goal post for science is always changing as we learn more.
    Unless a doctor is a researcher, they are not keeping up with the latest science.
    They can barely keep up with their patient load.
    If you want to trust your life to a complete stranger who you have barely had a 15-minute conversation with, knock yourself out.
    Instead, consider partnering with your medical professional.
    Fully document or have a trusted confidant do this for you and present your notes and the outcome you would like to experience with your medical professional.
    You also want to have #rapport with this person.
    Before they are a doctor, they are a human being.
    If you do not trust them, unconsciously you will not listen to them and certainly not implement their advice.
    This is not to say you should never listen to your doctor.
    You want to have a professional healthy relationship with your doctor such that you are being accountable and responsible for your own wellbeing.
    Do not abdicate you to someone else who can not be as vested as you and may have competing or contrary interests.

Reap As You Sow

If you plant seeds and expect a lemon tree to sprout up, yet a pumpkin patch ensues, that is your fault. 
Your ignorance of the seeds is not the fault of the plant.
It is the same with your #life.
Being responsible for what shows up for you is a beautiful gift because it means you are the driver and creator and conductor and everything.
If you have never been in #Love or have issues maintaining a #relationship, it does not mean there is something inherently wrong with you. 
It is only feedback about the story you are telling or the seeds you are sowing. 
This can be a powerful realisation. 
No, you are never going to get a 6-pack from a singular personal training session. 
You can start the journey which is it’s own reward.
Do you want more wealth?
Do you want to start a family?
Do you want a different job, career or to start a business?
Wanting is a lie.

You already have ‘it.’ 

The #energy of it is ready to materialise because it has come to your mind. 
You only have to turn the key and open the door. 
The same energy that created the oceans, air, weather, all life on this planet and the universe is the same energy within you causing you to move and feel and recognise yourself.


Undo the lie of your societal programming that you are an individual and separate and alone. 
Let go of the lie that you are less than #perfect and wonderful and amazing
You are divine
Your DNA has the code for infinity
You were created with all the ingredients of Love and when you look at the summation of your life, you have been most fulfilled when you moved in the same vibration as Love is. 
This is intuitive to you. 
No one needs to teach you how to be you. 
There is no morality, good, bad or shoulds’. 
The best way you can experience the #evolution of what you are is to be in the action of your #truth. 
Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian modality and technique that can support you to go into a trance from alpha through to theta and delta. 
Allowing the activation of #pineal gland has benefits that will be discussed at length in a separate blog. 
Leveraging this as part of your #wellbeing practice has incalculable benefits that only you can begin to speculate on the possibility of. 

All Blessings, Peace, Love and Soul

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