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5 Ways You Are Unconsciously Killing Yourself Prematurely

What to do, Who to be and How to Start Thinking for Your Best Self

Most people do not think about their behaviour as killing themselves.
Thoughts and #feelings absolutely impact your physical body.
Perhaps the topic is too morose for consideration.
There is an idea of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) that has been around for thousands of years. 
Our forefathers observed it immediately in #nature as a pattern that repeats in all things. 
Every cell in your body has a possessive and negative charge that keeps it together and so on as the cells become structures, organs and in forming the totality of your body.
In fact, all of nature and creation relies on this synergy.
Said more perfectly, harmony
People in the personal development and business world like to say, Work + Life Balance. 
Such is ignorance and lacks forethought of the energy signature of each word.

For life to thrive, there must be harmony. 

This is true in relationships, families, the things we #harvest from the ground and everything you can think of. 
Without #harmony, nothing works. 
This is the essence of yin and yang.

Your Thoughts

Are your thoughts predominantly those that #nurture who you are and those around you?
If your words were fertiliser, would it cause your crops to grow or are your thoughts more aligned to poison.
Managing your thoughts and thus your body language and verbal #communication is similar to doing resistance training in the gym.
The more you condition your body, the healthier you become.
This conditioning affects every aspect of your life, including the kind of #relationships you have.
It is the same in training your heart and mind to stay on feelings and thoughts of Love.
#Love is the singular energy that was present before time and will remain after time has expired.
It is infinite, always #expanding, unconditional, without morals or judgement and causes evolutionary #transformation in omnidirectional dimensions from it’s focal point.
Said another way, all that you decide to feel and think becomes your manifested reality.
If you constantly berate yourself internally by saying, That was so dumb, You’re so stupid, Why are you so weak, etc., those kinds of lies form a cancer in your being because it is the opposite of the divinity that you are.

Take your heart and brain to the Love-Gym and consider what ‘exercises’ would be most beneficial for conditioning (allowing) the divinity that you are. 
If it is a movement that doesn’t have the same vibrational frequency as Love, you can scrap it.

Your Associations

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Girlfriends Together

The people you spend most of your time with are usually going to be a match with your #feelings and thoughts.
Who you spend your time with is absolutely a predictor of the quality of your life and its conclusion.
If you know there are some changes you would like to make to your life experience, in addition to transforming your thoughts and feelings, eliminate those in your life who are not congruent with your direction and join with those who are on the journey you #align with.
Sometimes, this step can be easier than doing the inner work first because the environment will call for a different way of being.

Your Meat Sack

If your diet were to consist of dog faeces or cow dung, it is plausible you would not experience longevity or a quality of life.
It is similar to your thoughts.
The thoughts you habitually allow contribute to your wellbeing.
Having a diet made up of western fast foods, high sugars, excessive, regular alcohol, living in industrialised cities that have no connection to nature, and not allowing your body to move in the way it was designed all contribute to your premature death.
An unfortunate side effect of these lifestyles is that your children are being born seeing these behaviours as normal and never have a chance to live in a way that will nurture them.
How you think about #yourself and your life has a greater initial impact on your well being than any diet.
When your thoughts are #aligned with nature and love, you automatically seek to put yourself in environments and #fuel your body with those things that promote harmony.
Speaking often from #Love will tonify your cells with power and vitality.
Research around the efficacy of all types of meditation demonstrates how formidable peace is for you and your #community.
Your body can not thrive if those around you are wasting away.
How you maintain your home, engage in activities to keep your body moving and your frequency of being in nature all impact your quality and longevity of life.
The more time you spend in cities with toxic air the faster you bring about your demise.
Some of the most toxic air qualities on the planet are currently in Lahore, Ghaziabad, Aguascalientes, Dhaka, Kampala, Kabul, Bamako, and Baghdad.

Your Soul

If you lack an understanding, memory, association, connection and or relatedness to your super unconscious, your soul, your origin, you may already be fast tracking your death.
This is significant because you are not your perception.
You are not what you see reflected back from the mirror.
You are not your #thoughts or feelings.
You are infinite and have your being in all that is made.
Everything you observe is you.
Even the things you are currently unable to perceive are you.
It is through the speculation of the expansive nothing that you start to unfold into possibility or something.
Through your relationships with others, self #grows.
When you only look through the limited lens of your physical senses, everything is a lie, including your relationships.
There is an inherent connection and synergy of all things.
Humans have the capacity to be contrary to their nature.
Your #evolution and metamorphosis can be in the way you start to recognise yourself everywhere the way a cell in your body would become aware of its role within the entire host.
Your practice of expanding #Self can begin with others who have already gone on the path.
They can remind you of your own #truth because only you have the keys for your journey.
You are the expert at being you.
Your role is to allow the unfolding of your expansion, celebrations and recognition
into all things.

Your Community

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Loving Community

The ‘modern’ western human has #romanticised views of relationships being with one person forever with undulating #love.
It is impractical that one person could be your provider, entertainment, caregiver, friend, #confidant and all of the other roles we experience from the network of our society.
Having a deep #connection and identity with your community is one of the essential ingredients found in all blue zones.
Blue zones are 7 cultural groups found globally that have the largest populations of centenarians.
The attributes each of these communities have are natural movement, a purpose within each individual and as connected with the community, 80:20 nutritional behaviours using vegetables, Rest and reverence for and inclusion of the elders as the #foundation of the community.
Perhaps you notice you are missing some of the things on the list and you want to make due with what you have and that is fine.
Think of the essential ingredients for baking a cake.
Sure, you can make it with a substitute for eggs or sugar or leaven, but what you are left with isn’t really a cake.


You do not have to take on all of these attributes at once. 
There is no urgency and nothing wrong.
What you can possibly glean is to start becoming more curious about your wellbeing and how it is integral to your environment. 
As an example, if you lived in a sewer with excrement, your quality of life would be minimal. 
Consider how there may not be things in your environment that are serving you as much as could be optimal for you to thrive. 

As always, consider having Lomi Lomi as a regular part of your wellbeing to open up these areas of your three bodies to the divinity that you are.

All Blessings, Love, Peace and Soul

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