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5 Steps For Using Lomi Lomi To Deepen Relationships

A Liberal Outpouring Of The Secret Sauce Driving Your Life


After digesting this content, which is a reminder of what you already intellectually know, you will be able to use Lomi Lomi as a tool to open wider the doors of every experience you want for the relationships you are committed to for your life.


What is Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Growth


Lomi Lomi is a means to relate to life through Aloha philosophy. 

Aloha is the acknowledgement that all which is unknown and known are beautifully and divinely one. 

There is no separation except in the meaning of a fragmented human mind allowing an illusion thereof. 

Lomi Lomi is the harmony of energetic flow between all that is and allowing for infinite expansion.


What Can Lomi Lomi Do For You

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Infinite


In a word, Lomi Lomi has the capacity to do everything.

It can allow you to mend that which you perceived as broken. 

Lomi Lomi is able to forge a path where a journey or adventure was impossible. 

It can materialise conditions, circumstances and opportunities which exceed human imagination

All that is Love, glorious and magnificent is amplified through Lomi Lomi. 

This is all possible because the idea of Lomi Lomi is Love. 

Love was present before the birth of time and shall remain when time has expired. 

From a human form and perspective there are limitations, barriers and limitations. 

Allowing yourself to perceive the universe as the divinity you are expands your identity beyond your senses. 

Lomi Lomi is able to make available anything through the frequency of Love your imagination is open to releasing.


What is a Relationship

Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Expansion of Love


Love continually expands in an omnidirectional pattern, transforming and evolving as the frequency modulates. 

It can not be extinguished; nor can it die. 

It is from this context of not fixing something broken; rather allowing more of what is for you to thrive in an even greater fashion. 

Historically, every transformation you have experienced has been due to the story you told about an event and or the connection of that event to the people in your life or those that you identify with. 

All transformation comes as a result of interactions with other ‘cells’ or people in your life. 

Relationships are the foundation of every experience you have in your life. 

Said differently, to transform the exposure to your life, reinvent the nature of the stories about your relationship. 

This isn’t a suggestion that you show up as you are not, rather, show up as more of who you authentically and truly are.

Let’s review five possible places to stand in evolving the relationships and stories you have about yourself.

Being consciously aware of this relationship means you can directly impact the relationship with other ‘cells’ you become aware of.


Identity, Story

Without understanding your primary, secret story, it can be impossible to allow for a transformation for the existing relationships in your life.
Due to the cultural phenomena made available through social media, ghosting has become commonplace. 
What would it mean if you ‘ghosted’ apart of yourself you did not agree with?
This is not referencing the prevention of inappropriate behaviour.
Imagine if you had a broken arm and didn’t get it set and ignored the pain?
This is the equivalent of ghosting people in your life.
Not everyone is going to say or do exactly the ‘right’ thing every time.
Having compassion, understanding and empathy for what is going on for them betrays your frame of mind and context for life.
If one of your persistent concerns is that no one gets you, celebrates you or a variant thereof, consider if you have been a serial ghoster.


Your story impacts the quality of all relationships.
For example, if your unconscious story is that you are unlovable, it can mean no matter how people show up to love you, your focus will be to prove they are lying.
Being transparent about your thoughts, feelings, aspirations, inspiration, motivation and curiosities may seem intellectually sound and it is not.
You limbic brain is constantly looking for threats and does not want you to be exposed because of what may have happened in the past, yet, faith is independent of the past because your history is a myth.
Faith is the acceptance of Love and possibility without empirical evidence.
It is a knowing you can feel and many times can not be explained.
Coming from a frame of vulnerability makes it possible to connect with other ‘cells’ in your life in a more holistic way.
Consider a healthier, stronger tree has a deep, prolific root system that is also able to connect with root systems of nearby trees.

Depth of Nurturing

Your identity is at the mercy of your internal story.
Your relationships start with how you decide on your identity.
If you were to decide that every person you meet is a reflection of you, what would be possible with that relationship?
What do you do when you stub your toe?
Do you ignore it and keep going, or do you stop to rub it?
After all, it is just your little toe; why all the fuss?
In allowing for this understanding to every person you are aware of, it means you can always be in the habit of nurturing.
Nurturing or ‘Loving’ others (there is no other; only self), you allow for more Love to flow from you.

You are the divine.

You can deepen the Love in your sphere as you develop rapport in understanding and then taking action.
You may remember your relationship with your parents as a child.
They did not always love you in the way you wanted.
Your parents may have loved you in the way they were taught or in a way they thought was appropriate.
To deep nurturing, start Loving people in the way they tell you they need in addition to the insights you gain that can deepen the experience.  

Modulation of Love

Let’s say you have a belief that all of your relationships are perfect.
There are no issues, problems or kerfuffles.
And the nature of Love is infinite expansion.
Have you asked the people in your life what would happen if your relationship were more fulfilling, more nurturing and powerful, what could be possible?
Most are not going to have an answer because this is not a typical question.
That is a perfect place to be.
Allowing Love to function as it does through you means there are no limits.
The Love you are is infinite as is the possibility of the depth of connections in your life.

Acceptance and Celebration

Think back to when you were younger or perhaps there is something you can recognise now.
What was or is different about you that you may have wished was just like everyone else?
Have you ever been marginalised, bullied, made fun of or ignored because you were different?
If so, you understand how essential it is to be accepted.
Even in the smallest details of your life, look for habitual opportunities to celebrate yourself.
Perhaps you spend a few minutes in the mirror speaking aloud about how amazing you are or doing a dance after reaching a milestone of completing homework or spending time with children or animals.
Choose something that may seem benign and start celebrating yourself.
This small act ripples into other areas of your life and means you can then transform your core beliefs and stories of self.
Celebration also enables you to anchor in and create more neural pathways for the experiences that you appreciate.



Lomi Lomi Gold Coast - Love is All there Is


Deepening the quality and experience of Love in your relationships is not linear. 

Similar to #autism, it is a spectrum and dynamic and forever in movement. 

A constant or North Star you can rely on is in being able to identify Love. 

If your perspective, story and way of being is tuned into Love, you are able to receive and identify it.

Love expands exponentially in an infinite and omnidirectional modulation.

Consider purposely allowing this to be a guide for your life. 

If you were to do so, what are some ways for you to measure this expansion?

Why would you want to measure and document the impact of more Love in your life?

Other than ‘self’ who else stands to benefit when you are the embodiment of love for all relationships?

Who are the top three people who come to mind first that you want to have this conversation with?

The depth of Love experienced within the relationships of your life is only accessible through community. 

This is to say, to the extent you allow more Love to flow in your community is correlated to the Love infusing you.

Lomi Lomi is a tool which facilitates the experience of more Love in the areas of your life that you want to make a difference. 

It would be a delight to discuss what you feel is possible for yourself.


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